Sansin Corporation

For 20 years Sansin companies have pioneered the use of environmentally-friendly water-borne wood protectiontechnologies that deliver outstanding performance. This technology is inspired by a thousand year-old tradition that uses nature’s own ingredients – resins and gums from the heartwood of trees – to deliver sustainable protection. Their objective – to help wood protect itself – is implemented by developing innovative materials and processes which reduce the impact of their coatings on the Environment. Again and again their history has demonstrated that going green actually enhances performance.


Wood is Sansin’s passion and their commitment to protecting it and the environment is paramount. Their vision is to continually improve their products as well as their environmental practices. As part of Sansin’s Second Nature program they are pursuing initiatives such as using alternative green energy, smart car technology, and smart manufacturing processes that move them closer to their objective of operating a sustainable zero waste production facility.


111 MacNab Avenue

Strathroy, Ontario, Canada

N7G 4J6

T: 1-519-245-2001

F: 1-519-245-4759

Toll-Free: 1-877-SANSIN-1 (726-7461)




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