Soanbert Corp.
Founded in 1998, Soanbert Corp. are exclusive sales agents for North American primary and value-added wood product manufacturers. They differ from many other companies that offer similar services, as they refuse to act as a “wholesaler”. They are not buyers and re-sellers, but simply represent the products and services of the manufacturing clients with whom they have exclusive agreements in place, and act on their behalf to introduce, promote and sell their products and services nationally and internationally.  Soanbert Corp. have remained genuine to their mission since 1998 and have more than 27 years of experience in the art of selling at a national and international level.  Another important added-value they offer their clients is the experience and ability to offer and provide additional services such as, but not limited to: market research & development, product development, business development, logistic management, export market development, strategic planning and accounts receivable management.

369 Queen Street East, Suite 306
Sault Ste. Marie, ON  P6A 1Z4
T: 705-256-1446
F: 705-256-1724
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