OWPEA Member Benefits at a Glance

Increased Sales Opportunities for Your Company
OWPEA will broaden the scope of your company’s export market development activities. OWPEA will endeavor to find important business opportunities and leads, with the overall objective of increasing your company’s export sales. OWPEA’s strategic partners will be key players in developing international markets where there is significant, proven demand for Ontario value-added wood products and lumber. The strategic partners will formally join other government members in a mandate to diversify Ontario’s exports and grow market share overseas and in the United States.
Reduced Costs for Your Company
Partnering with other wood manufacturing companies and supporting government agencies will reduce each individual member company’s cost of market development activities effectively through cost sharing.
Greater Leveraging of Your Company’s Resources
Through OWPEA’s funding partnerships, your company’s dollars will go much farther and have a much greater impact in the export marketplace. Further, the strategic partners’ support will create a direct, sustainable, long-term benefit for the suffering Ontario value-added wood and lumber industry by presenting the international option to industry members and by assisting the industry in identifying opportunities to modernize, re-tool, diversify and promote itself in key, targeted areas around the world to win and secure overseas sales contracts.
Increased Export Market Intelligence for Your Company
In the course of its normal business activities, OWPEA will gather important export market intelligence that it will report to its members.
Increased Networking for Your Company with Other Companies
OWPEA meetings provide a great opportunity for your company to network with other Ontario wood manufacturing companies. OWPEA will increase coherency and create stronger bonds between northern Ontario value-added lumber suppliers and the value-added wood manufacturers in southern Ontario. A strong supply chain relationship exists between the two regions, but the association will bring members of the two groups together formally, so that they can work more closely together to achieve common goals, increase sales, and bring innovation to the industry.
Increased Networking for Your Company and Helpful Government Contacts
OWPEA can help your company get in touch with helpful government partners that can assist you to meet your export marketing objectives. Further, OWPEA meetings provide a great opportunity for your company to network with these important contacts.
The Cost
The cost for membership is currently set at a nominal introductory price of $750 + HST per year for annual dues. Member benefits will begin immediately from receipt of the dues payment and acceptance of your application.
Please Complete the Attached Application Form and Submit the Annual Dues

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