Environmental Policy

The OWPEA is forward-thinking in its approach to matters
related to the environment. In all initiatives and programs to
identify new markets for the Ontario wood products industry,
the OWPEA is committed to promoting principles of
environmental stewardship, conservation, and long-term
sustainability of Ontario’s natural resources. This includes
promotion of respect for the land that provides these natural
resources through programs such as forest management
plans, wildlife habitat protection, and environmental habitat
Environmental Footprint Reduction
Ontario Wood will pro-actively apply sound environmental practices to internal operations and purchasing decisions. We will seek ways to minimize our consumption of resources, including energy, paper and water, and our generation of waste and emissions. We will help create opportunities for our members and employees to do the same.


Responsible Business

Ontario Wood will develop, maintain, and communicate effective policies, procedures, standards and guidelines for Ontario wood product business activities, to address environmental issues and risks material to Ontario Wood, its clients and its other stakeholders.



Ontario Wood will responsibly manage all aspects of our business to ensure environmental laws and recognized standards are met or exceeded. We will monitor compliance with our own policies, procedures, and standards.


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Environmental Policy
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